Ladies, I happened to stumble into finding out who Jimmy Page’s girlfriend is the other night.  I didn’t mean to.  I guessed and I reckon I got it right judging by the private message I received.  She’s a belly dancer.  I’d say around 30-35 years of age.  I thought he was single because of a few comments he’d made.  the way it goes with me and males, I wouldn’t care he’s 70 - at least he’s normal!  I was going to ask him out ;-) The old Capricorn and Taurus match… oh and in other news I had a very hot dream regarding Rory…he called me baby a lot and I’ll leave it to your imaginations why.  That’s the best it gets.  Dreaming of men - the reality is a nightmare that hurts.

Life - why is it so hard? dad came thru cancer op only to be told chemo would kill him if he carried on with it.  tried and failed to have a relationship and currently I am feeling a bit blue.  Rory’s lyrics are making a lot of sense right now.